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Welcome to Stjärnbro
Horses have always been a big interest in my life. Since the early eighties me and my family have owned and competed horses in races, showjumping and dressage. In the year 2001 we started up our stud. This was made possible through the acquisition of our neighbour farm Fnöska. Now we have ideal conditions for horse breeding with good stables, a ridinghall and large paddocks for the horses. We put a lot of time into not only the breeding itself, but also everything that has to do with good raising conditions for young horses.

We use the very best international bloodlines from all breeding areas, and have a special love for horses with Thoroughbred and/or Trakehner bloodlines.

All horses born or raised at the stud have the suffix "SB". That stands for StjärnBro.

A warm welcome to our homepage, we would appreciate if you would like to make a comment in our guestbook of both the homepage and then everything else that goes on on the stud. You are also most welcome if you would like to come and visit us "live", just give us a call first at +46 704-25 15 50.

Yours sincerely

Monica Lindstedt

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